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DanceVisions played a huge role in my childhood and continues to be one of my favorite communities as an adult. I'm so glad to have grown up in a studio that let me keep dancing at every stage of my life thus far. The teachers at DanceVisions meet dancers exactly as they are and create an accepting and body positive environment to explore new styles of dance and get involved in an artistic community.  Laurel H

Dance Visions has provided me and my three daughters with fun and supportive dance classes which have not only helped us stay fit and healthy, but taught us so much about creativity and artistic expression.  Dance Visions is also a wonderful community of folks who encourage each other to grow as dancers and performers, with opportunities to share our love of dance with each other and the greater community. 

Sally K

I have been participating at DanceVisions for 29 years.  I enjoy dancing almost every day with Lisa and Mandy whether it is Jazz, Lyrical or Hip Hop styles.  They offer a unique & fun flavor for each of the genres they teach.  It is a gift to dance with them.  Lyrical classes are my favorite as they allow me to flow, connect and express the depth of feeling from my soul.  I have also enjoyed taking classical Egyptian Belly Dance Classes with Sandra for over 15 years.  Vicky's ballet classes are also exceptional.  Most of all, I enjoy performing all of these genres at our community shows! 


Andrea Saliba

My family is profoundly grateful to have been a part of the DanceVisions family for 13 years.  DanceVisions has provided our community a much needed supportive, low-stress, fun outlet for expression and movement.  It has been a wonderful antidote to the pressure cooker environment of our area.

I see DanceVisions as a place to keep the body healthy through movement; a place to build discipline and focus thru dance; a place to express yourself; and most importantly a place to recharge after long days of academics and social/emotional challenges.

Thanks to the amazing teachers at DanceVisions.  You have been amazing role models and I have witnessed my children grow and blossom under your caring and supportive tutelage. 


Teresa Z


Dance Visions has meant so much to us over the last 10 years. Both of my kids have learned about dance, benefited from a supportive community, and learned a lot about how to stand up for what they believe in thanks to Dance Visions. As my son describes it -- dance has been a fun, relaxing time, when he can get exercise but also calm down and reflect on his day. 


Brenda D

Dance Visions is a community treasure.  In these stressful times, the opportunity to dance with Laura is truly life-giving.  And Laura’s studio creates such a beautiful community of girls and women of all ages, life stages, walks of life – all coming together in community to learn and express ourselves through dance.  My daughter benefited so much over more than 10 years with Laura, and went on to be inspired to choreograph her own dance under Laura’s tutelage, with all the girl’s taking on initiative and leadership to create their own dance show.  Dance Visions is such an unique, inspiring, important institution in our community.


Susan S

Our family arrived to the Bay Area in 2004. We did not know anybody in town, but we are passionate about music and dancing. We joined Dance Visions in 2005, and it has been a place we have treasured over the years. It has brought us much more than dance lessons, it brought us a community of parents and teachers that welcomed our family and made us feel at home. Our two daughters have been in Laura’s dance class over the years, and my youngest is still blessed to belong to his current dance class. Thank you DanceVisions for so much, I really hope you can still be able to bring joy and community to many other children and families. 


Rosalena M

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