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Lisa Navarro

Personal Profile


Lisa Navarro began dancing at age 16 in her High School. Eager to move into more training, but  without the resources to begin a classical program, she started studying and performing as a hip hop dancer in San Francisco, CA with the Dance Troupe CultureShock and her mentor Keith Banks. Her drive to learn, and talent stood out, and she was awarded a scholarship to Studio 10 Dance San Jose. This is where the path was opened for her into Jazz, Lyrical and Modern training. In 1998 she was fortunate to receive another scholarship opportunity to study jazz and modern at Steps on Broadways in NYC. This gave her a new appreciation of the expansiveness and diversity of the dance world and experience first hand the challenges and struggles that are within the dance industry.  She spent 7 years working in the commercial sector of dance performance and instruction in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Reno, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Argentina and Brazil. In 2005, she settled back in the Bay Area and focused on teaching dance and ultimately creating her own business. Curiousity about movement as a healing modality as well as recovering from her own dance injuries over the years, motivated her
to seek training in various healing arts. She ultimately focused on her certification in Pilates, and has built a loyal and long lasting client base.  She studies and integrates an array of disciplines ranging from: Educational Kinisiolgy (Brain Gym), Energy Medicine,ART (Active Release therapy),Yoga, Posture at Balance Center and her favorite GSTbody. She alchemizes all these disciplines into moving choreographies that soothe, strengthen and support all of our bodies systems.
She enjoys guiding her students into exploring the depths of the human body from the tips of the fingers and toes to connective tissues and bones and all the way to through the 7 chakras.   Her stories will inspire you and sometimes make you weep. It's not that she says things you don't already know, it's that she says them from a deep love she allows to come through her.


You can count on the balance between her quiet ways, her value-based and thoughtful directness and her fierce protection of all she holds dear. She holds space for all who enter the studio to deepen into self care, gratitude and collective celebration of our ability to continue moving for life. Lisa is a compassionate, patient teacher that will be a safe place for people to connect dance with their soul.

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