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Andrea Saliba

Personal Profile

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As the Founder of MindfullyFit, Andrea specializes in helping people eliminate back pain and tension, avoid injury and premature aging by teaching people how to find their natural alignment while sitting, bending, standing, walking, sleeping and driving.  She is passionate about educating people about posture myths and misconceptions.  She has developed her own brand of posture-based MindfullyFit Yoga® and teaches several classes a week for corporate clients nationwide where she helps people gain more flexibility.  She has also taught Pilates and Yoga as a Health Improvement Educator at the Stanford School of Medicine offering classes to the faculty and staff as well as at Lockheed International and other companies.  She also teaches Classical Belly Dance.
Andrea has passionately studied a broad range of movement disciplines for over 20 years.  As a jazz dancer since 1992, she became curious about injury and pain prevention in order to keep up her lifelong love of dance.  She has spent the past 22 years extensively studyingPosture, Pilates, Ballet, Dance and Yoga.  After completing the Teacher Training Program at the Balance Center, she realized that natural alignment was the key to staying pain- and injury-free.  In addition, she studied many different  types of yoga around the world including Vinyasa, Anusara, Iyengar, Jivamukti, and Svaroopa.  She studied with Joseph Pilates first generation teachers including Ron Fletcher, Mary Bowen, Elizabeth Larkam, Brent Anderson, Kathy Corey and Karen Clippinger.  Finally, her dance training includes 29 years jazz/hip hop dance, 17 years of classical ballet at Pacific Ballet Academy, 15 years of classical Egyptian Belly Dance, dance training with Gabriel Roth of Five Rhythms, Debbie and Carlos Rosas of the NIA technique and Eric Franklin of the Franklin Method.  She enjoys performing lyrical, jazz, hip hop and Egyptian belly dance at DanceVisions and recently as part of the Foothill Repertory Dance Company under the direction of Bubba Gong, who performed with Bob Fosse.
As a life-long dancer, Andrea won a dance contest at age 15 and has never stopped dancing.  She has been involved with DanceVisions for 29 years, first as a founding board member where she helped start the Isadora Duncan Creative Dance Program for the Besse Bolton Center children in 1993 as well as bringing Jazz Dance to DanceVisions in 1997.

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